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The Final Cut Reviews; Deet n Bax Save th’ World – A Stoner Comedy Starring Jason Mewes, Craig Michaelson and Weston Cage.
Deet n Bax Save the World Movie Starring Jason Mewes Premier on 4/20/2015 in Portland
Feature Film “Deet n Bax Save the World” Starring Jason Mewes to be Released on 4/20/2015 ”Deet n Bax Save the World” an Action Stoner Comedy starring Jason Mewes produced by TruEarth Entertainment.
TruEarth Entertainment to Deliver First Feature Film Starring Jason Mewes
Deet n Bax Save the World Movie – Sex, Guns & Weed!
Deet n Bax Save the World wrapped on November 4th!
Deet n Bax Save the World resumes filming this Monday in Portland Oregon!
Deet and Bax Save The World Movie Resumes Filming Soon!
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Scan your own 3D characters into Minecraft with Intel RealSense camera

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Mark Day of VoidAlpha shows off Minescan, a 3D scanning program for Minecraft.

Minecraft fans are a passionate lot, so you have to figure they’ll go crazy about scanning their own characters into the voxel-graphics game.

Mark Day, chief executive of VoidAlpha, has created Minescan, an app that allows you to scan a physical object into Minecraft. You can scan in a character like an octopus or squirrel, and the app will convert it into voxel style, or blocky graphics. You can then insert the digitized character into the Minecraft game.

I saw Day scan an Octopus and a Ninja squirrel character into the game in a matter of minutes.

The scanner uses an Intel RealSense camera, which can detect 3D objects and then transform them into digital imagery. With Minescan, you just rotate the object on a turntable and the RealSense camera scans in the object.

“It’s an easy-to-use modding tool,” said Day in an interview with GamesBeat at the Intel Developer Forum last week. “We are in a strong beta test now, and I expect to ship it in the next 30 days.”

The project is funded by Intel and it will be available in Intel’s RealSense app store. VoidAlpha was started in 2011 to make games for smartphones, tablets, and th eweb.


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