Feature Film “Deet n Bax Save the World” Starring Jason Mewes to be Released on 4/20/2015 ”Deet n Bax Save the World” an Action Stoner Comedy starring Jason Mewes produced by TruEarth Entertainment.



Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) February 11, 2015

TruEarth Entertainment announced the 4/20/2015 release of their new feature film “Deet n Bax Save the World” starring Jason Mewes (Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob), Weston Cage (Lord of War, Rage) and Craig Michaelson (Community & Modern Family).

”Deet n Bax Save the World” follows loveable losers Deet & Bax; best friends & struggling entrepreneurs who unknowingly help Amanda an undercover Agent infiltrate a South American Drug Cartel as they cross paths with an eccentric Billionaire bent on taking over the world.

We are thrilled that Jason Mewes stepped out on his own to take the lead role in Deet n Bax Save the World as a tune-up for Clerks III which begins filming in May of 2015

Deet (Jason Mewes) is the smarter of the duo while Bax (Craig Michaelson) bumbles along in Deet’s shadow as his less confident child like sidekick. Their confidence is boosted by the arrival of their latest scheme to create a global line of weed centric clothing “The Keef Army” which they tout as their super hero costumes throughout the movie.

The movie is written and directed by Diablo Dean who told us “We were kicked in the stomach several times trying to make this movie, but we came back stronger and got it done.”

For more details, news and announcements you can go to the movie’s Facebook page where details of the release and where you can watch the feature film will be announced. The film was shot entirely on location in Portland, Oregon.

Deet n Bax Save the World
Produced by TruEarth Entertainment
Written and Directed by Diablo Dean
Executive Producer Alan Espasandin

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