Hamburg fire: Blaze erupts at Tiefstack Power Station – Alarm triggered as flames hit roof


A fire has broken out at the Tiefstack Power Station with dramatic footage from the scene showing smoke billowing out from the building. Flames can also be seen emerging from the roof of the complex as emergency services attempt to contain the blaze. 

The extent of the fire is not yet known but images from the scene of the incident suggest the fire has severely damaged one of the station buildings.

Fire trucks and ambulance can be seen responding to the emergency after the alarm was sounded.

It is unknown what started the blaze at the coal power plant or how many workers were on-site at the time.

Hamburg Fire Brigade announced in a statement: “There is currently a fire in the power plant Tiefstack in Hamburg.”

The fire brigade added: “We have raised the alarm and are [responding] with a large contingent.”

An official warning to local inhabitants was also issued stating: “The population in the Hamburg area [Billbrook, Hamm and Horn] can be affected by smoke gases due to a fire.

“The cloud of smoke moves in a north-east direction.”

“The following regions are affected Billbrook north-east of Andreas-Meyer-Straße to the B5.”

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