British Gas engineer shares ‘few adjustments’ that can save up to £103 on energy bills


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As a leading energy and home services provider in the UK, British Gas have compiled some tips and tricks to help customers manage the looming rise. From October 1, average energy prices are set to rise to £2,500 a year, with many people paying more.

To help Britons cut back, a service and repair engineer at British Gas has suggested how people can save energy around the home as well as saving some money.

Joanna Flowers explained that customers can save money just with “a few easy adjustments”.

These adjustments can reduce bills and are good for the environment.

She said: “At British Gas we are on a mission to help customers make small changes around the house that can have a big impact on their finances!”

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1 Unplug devices

Electronic devices, such as a phone, tablet, TV, dishwasher or washing machine still use energy while on standby whatever the weather.

“You can save around £55 a year just by remembering to unplug them,” she added.

2 Use your microwave when possible.

People can save energy because it’s quicker than using the oven or stove.

She said it’s worth considering a slow cooker too, as they’re one of the most energy-efficient kitchen appliances.


3 Wash on a colder cycle and reduce runs

Ms Flowers explained that running the washing machine on a 30-degree cycle instead of using higher temperatures and limiting their usage can “save around £28 on your annual bill”.

4 Switch off the lights

Additionally, people should keep the curtains open and let daylight brighten their room.

She said: “When you need to switch on the lights, get into the habit of only lighting rooms that are being used, and you can save you £20 on your annual energy bills.”

5 Only heat the hot water needed

The way a boiler is set up can make a difference to how much people can save on their heating bills, especially if they have a combi boiler.

British Gas has announced it will donate 10 percent of its retail profits to help financially vulnerable customers, with grants of up to £750 available.

If someone is not a British Gas customer, The British Gas Energy Trust is an independent charity that offers free, impartial support and advice to families and individuals facing financial hardship and energy debt across England, Wales and Scotland.

As well as supporting the services provided by money and energy advice services and charities, the British Gas Energy Trust provides direct grants to individuals and families that have an energy debt of between £250 and £750.

They can help people understand their options, check if they’re eligible for extra benefits, and put them back in control of their energy bills.

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