China secretly ‘funding Putin’ in Ukraine to ‘fight Europeans’ – horror warning to world


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Volodymyr Omelyan, Ukraine’s former Minister of Infrastructure who has been fighting on the front line since the start of the war, has warned that China is financing Russia as part of its plan to become the ruler of the world.

China’s demand for Russian energy products has increased in recent months – reaching a record-high of crude oil in May, increasing purchases to $7.47billion (£6billion), which is about $1billion (£800million) more than in April and double the amount a year ago.

The increase in imports means Russia has now overtaken Saudi Arabia as China’s largest source of crude oil, according to Chinese customs data released on Friday.

Mr Omelyan told “China is simply testing Western civilisation with Russia as their instrument.

“The real intention of Russia is obvious, together with China, Moscow would like to rule the world.”

In the first 100 days of the Ukraine war, China also became the world’s leading buyer of Russian fossil fuels after many Western countries imposed economic sanctions.

It comes after Beijing pledged to continue regular economic ties with the pariah state despite the geopolitical fallout from other countries over Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The former Minister said: “I believe the West should take this very seriously and stop thinking of Russia as a normal state and do everything to make sure the threat is cleared.

“Today it is Russia, then it will be China and they will come for Poland and they will come for France, and they will come for Britain.”

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Xi even pledged more support to Moscow on “sovereignty and security” in a clear signal to the West over their continued economic ties, despite earlier warnings from Western leaders that the country risks major reputational damage by not condemning the Kremlin.

Mr Omelyan said: “He [President Xi Jinping] finances Russia.

“China increased consumption of Russian oil by 50 percent last month. Monthly, he [President Xi Jinping] pays almost $10billion (£8billion) for Russian energy resources”.

The ex-Government official urged “Europeans and NATO” to “reawaken their spirit” and fight for democracy.

He said: “Right now, what is going on, will decide the 21st century as a period of time, so if don’t stop Russia and China, all of us are in great trouble. It’s not just about Ukraine, it’s about all of us.”

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