I recreated Kate’s glam updo in 5 min and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day – easy tutorial


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Kate, Princess of Wales often opts for low buns and effortlessly elegant updos to attend evening events and formal galas. Although the Princess of Wales’ hairstyles seem very intricate and some definitely need the help of a professional stylist, others can be easily recreated at home.

Kate wore a very sophisticated yet effortless low bun for a reception in London a few years ago. I tried to create a similar look, and it was easier than expected taking less than five minutes.

The updo is perfect for a wedding, a night out with friends, or a Valentine’s Day date night.

To create this look, you just need two hairbands and some hair clips. Start by brushing your hair to prepare for styling.

The first step is to grab two small sections from the front and slowly twist them and secure them at the back with a hair tie.

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Then, braid the rest of your hair, and using your fingers, pull the braid to make it wider and flatter in order to achieve a more relaxed look.

When this is done and you are happy with your braid, pick it up and tuck it in to create your bun.

Finally, simply secure the bun with hair pins. This hairstyle is very easy to recreate and it took less than five minutes.

Don’t forget to apply a strong-hold hairspray to keep the hair in place.

What are your thoughts on the results? Share your comments below!


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Celebrity hairdresser and brand ambassador for BaByliss, Syd Hayes, commented on Kate’s soft, bouncy curls.

He said: “Kate’s hair is full, shiny and smooth, it’s been prepped well in order to hold the waves and make the colour pop.”

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