Novak Djokovic risks tennis fury with fresh Covid vaccine stance after US Open concerns


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“Look, I understand the frustration coming from him and Ukrainian people towards Russia and what is happening. Of course, I’m not going to comment or get in the midst of the war.

“But what I can say is that as a child of a war, several wars actually during the ’90s, I know what it feels like being in that position.

“But on the other hand, I can’t say I fully agree to ban Russian tennis players, Belarusian tennis players, from competing indefinitely. I just don’t see how they have contributed to anything that is really happening. I mean, I don’t feel it’s fair.

“I think they would accept the compromise that they’ve actually had as a situation or circumstances with the Olympic Games anyway to play under neutral flag. I feel like they deserve to win. They deserve to compete. They are professional athletes. None of them has supported any war or anything like that.

“It’s very sensitive. Once something like this happens on a big stage, anything you really say as a person coming from one or the other country, you know, is going to be judged in one way or another.”

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