Pep Boys shows how their marketing cloud scored triple-digit ROI (webinar)


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Imagine every piece of data about a customer, or a potential customer, at your fingertips. Find out why top marketers say that investing in a marketing cloud solution can help you unlock the full promise of data-driven marketing. 

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Rachel Silva, AVP of marketing at the multi-billion dollar auto parts and service chain PepBoys, has been implementing marketing cloud solutions for her company since the day she walked in the door.

And the foundation of any marketing cloud strategy, she says, is finding the right vendor. Even if you think you’ve found your match,  be open to other solutions out there,” she says. “Because at the end of the day, while our relationships are really important to us, we want to make sure we’re using the best solution — and prove out the great solutions we have in place as well.”

Silva and her team have been working with MediaMath since the start. “We’ve always seen positive results,” she says, “and we continue to see an improvement in results year after year.” But, she warns, it’s important to never get too comfortable. “I’m always testing,” she says. “Test, optimize, and then expand.”

MediaMath’s cloud marketing solution, Helix, has become the backbone of Pep Boys’ retargeting and prospecting strategies, helping the  marketing team maximize their spend. Cookie pools are huge, she notes, but you can’t remarket to everybody. How do you best leverage your dollar? “Retailers don’t have CPT budgets,” she adds, “so we need to be as cost effective as possible and we also need to drive sales.”

The marketing cloud is the solution for businesses without the budgets required to carry out a large-scale awareness campaign. It completely replaces that traditional, more scattershot marketing approach with something far more targeted because of the tremendous amount of data available.

To attract new customers and increase online sales, Silva leverages pooled real-time transactional and browsing data from MediaMath to build a picture not only of the existing PepBoy audience, but their potential customers. Lookalike modeling based on cloud data efficiently and cost-effectively targets new prospects.

“We saw our prices decrease and our returns increase,” Silva says. According to Silva, Pep Boys’ cloud-driven prospecting models had a 52 percent lower CPA, and an extraordinary 365 percent increase in ROAS over a two-year period.

“With the expansion of cloud marketing, there’s a lot more data that can be looked at,” she says. “Layer in data whenever and wherever you can, because it’s just going to make results better.”

But how do you determine the best way to get that data? While Silva and Yeoman Technologies CEO Michael Healey will be sharing insights from the front lines, VB Director of Marketing Technology Stewart Roger will be sharing essential take-aways from our recent report: “Marketing Clouds: How the best companies are winning via marketing technology.” Rogers will share how many of the top vendors scored on a number of features and who’s really killing it today.

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After this webinar, you’ll know:

  • What makes up a marketing cloud and why it may be right for your organization
  • The five different types of marketing cloud
  • VentureBeat’s best marketing cloud software bets for SMBs, enterprises, and startups
  • The ROI marketers can expect from their implementation
  • How to encourage and improve user adoption


  • Stewart Rogers, , VentureBeat
  • Michael Healey, CEO, Yeoman Technologies
  • Rachel Silva, Assistant VP, Marketing, Pep Boys


  • Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat


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